logo_sawStall Mat Rental Service
Oregon Stall Mat Rentals centers two disinfected (with Santi-T-10 and SynBioNt Ag Wash)  3/4” thick, 4’x6’ rubber stall mats in your stall prior to your arrival at the event. These are heavy, high quality rubber mats that provide your horse with the maximum not_visualiza_thumbamount of comfort and durability possible. The two mats provide an 8’x6’ matted area in the center of your stall for your horse. The standard stall size at equestrian venues in the Northwest is 10’x10’.

Our stall mat rental services are hassle free. We work closely with your event’s management to locate your stall. If you are part of a large group that has reserved a block of stalls, feel confident knowing that we will contact you or your trainer to identify which stall to put your mats in.

Rosie IrishStall Ready Service
In addition to your stall mat rental, Oregon Stall Mat Rentals also offers Stall Ready Service. Add the Stall Ready Service when you place your stall mat rental order and we will disinfect (with Santi-T-10) all of your internal stalling area as well as spread your pre-ordered bedding in the stall after installing the mats you have rented from us. At select events you will be able to order pelleted horse bedding directly from us. Regardless of whether you order your bedding from us or through your event, we can obtain your pre-ordered bedding from the event’s management and bed your stalls. By using our Stall Ready Service, all that you have to do when you arrive is hang water buckets and unload your horses!

Pelleted Horse Bedding
At select events, Oregon Stall Mat Rentals will offer pelleted horse bedding that can be ordered directly through us. This service is not available at all events so please contact us if you have any questions. If you order pelleted horse bedding from us we will place the bags of bedding in your stall. To have us prepare your stall by disinfecting the stall and spreading the bedding for you, please order the Stall Ready Service.