When can I order?
Order your stall mat rental as soon as you can. Stall mat quantities are limited.

Do I need my stall assignment before I order?
No. We work closely with your event’s management to locate your stall. If you are part of a large group that has reserved a block of stalls, feel confident knowing that we will contact you or your trainer to identify which stall to put your mats in.

If I rent mats and find that I can’t make the show, do I get a refund?
Yes, please call us prior to your arrival date for a full refund of your rental.

What do I need to do to have my mats installed in my stall?
Nothing. Once you place your stall mat rental order with your arrival date we will coordinate with show management to locate your stall. However, if your stall is included within a larger group’s reservations we will need to contact you or your trainer to identify your specific stall to place your rented mats in.

Do you provide shavings or pelleted bedding?
It depends. Oregon Stall Mat Rentals will offer only pelleted horse bedding at select events. We do not offer bagged shavings.

What if I have a different arrival date or have a question?
Please select the choice closest to your time and provide details in the comments section. Feel free to call or email us with changes to your reservation or with questions.

What if my horse damages the mats?
You will be charged on your credit card for the mat damaged.

How can I prevent my horse from pulling up and chewing on the stall mats?
If you notice your horse pulling up the stall mats please call us at 541-840-1579. We can come and re-install your mats. If your horse is chewing on the mats let us know and we can apply a chew preventative spray to the mat.

Are the mats disinfected?
Yes. We employ a strict sanitization regime of applying Santi-T-10 disinfectant preceded by a power wash with SynBioNt Ag Wash.

Do I have to “checkout” before I leave the show?
Yes. We ask that you contact us at 541-840-1579 prior to leaving so that the mats can be secured. If this is not done, you will be charged for any missing mats.